SQ-150-Smooth/Standard Ballroom Queen Dance Tailored Dress with Precious Stones

489 $1.049 $


Smooth/Standard  Ballroom Queen Dance Tailored Dress S150

This dress for Latin Dance in competitions or events. There is some point remarks for Smooth/Standard  Ballroom Queen Dance Tailored Dress S150:

  • Firstly,the color: refers by photo.

-Most importantly  if you want take another color ,give me the number in our COLOR CHART  or we will try our best to use a fabric with the most look-like color from your proposition.

-The tailored products is always the best ways for fitting .Therefore , all of our product is made with your measurements details.

  • Thirdly, the fabric: primarily lycra.

-However some model we also use satin,mesh, chiffon, silk, organza…

  • Fourthly, the  decoration: rhinestones precious top quality .

-In addition ,some model we also use :beaded, embroidery, pearl and/or special materials .If you want to upgrade stone to Preciosa or Swarovski contact me for more information.

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Latino Dance Sport : https://www.facebook.com/Latinodancesport 


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  3. Complete Order File by  your measurements , your color  ,the other details or requests
  4. Send back to us by email
  5. Clarify all details /request.
  6. Starting production
  7. Production
  8. Finish production
  9. Sending and give you tracking number
  10. Feedback

Thank you for truth and support Ms.Queen and my team.Hope we can make many beautifull dresses for you and your friends

After placed order , a form for filling your measurements and other details will send to you within 24h.

Warmest thanks


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